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DST Basics
When the hydraulic tool is opened, the test zone is opened to atmospheric pressure.  This happens almost instantaneously, and the pressure drop is recorded...
JMCO Instruments
JMCO Instruments are dependable and accurate and are highly recommended for obtaining complete and accurate pressure/temperature data...
Conventional Tool
The diagram here is just one way a conventional DST may look. It also shows where equipment is run in the testing string...
Straddle Tool
A Conventional Straddle Test Tool  sets on the bottom of the hole or a cement plug...
Surface Equipment
The configuration from the drill pipe safety valve up through the test head, through the steel flow lines to the floor manifold up to the rigs flare line, is the standard layout for the Surface Equipment...
“Field Ticket” (report of DST from the field) and the “Gas Volume Report” (report of gas volume, if gas is flowed during flow periods)...



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