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BJ's DST has a 99%+ success ratio on the mechanical stability of our test tools. Our test tools have performed flawlessly in pressure differentials over 7,000 PSI. While water cushion reduces the need to handle that much pressure differential, the test tools are routinely subject to pressure differentials of 5,000# - 6,000# PSI and perform without trouble. The confidence in our test tools comes from spending time at the shop, where the test tools are dismantled after every job and checked for weaknesses that could cause a problem on the job. If a questionable tool needs repair, we have spare test tools and truck ready to go for the next job. Time away from the rig, for the tester, is spent at the shop insuring that his pressure recorders, surface equipment and down hole test tools are in top condition for the next customer.

BJís DST uses what is known as conventional test tools. Our tools are known as Sterling Test Tools which were originally designed and machined in Sterling, Colorado. We use an H & T Hydraulic Tool (initial opening tool & bypass tool) which was designed and machined in Houston, Texas. Conventional tools are set on the bottom of the hole, or in some cases a cement plug, or in rare cases by means of a wall hook setting tool. Anchor pipe is used to make up the different lengths needed. The packers are compression type packers where weight is used compress and seal the packer against the wall. The same weight is used in the opening of the tool to start the testing. A rotational shut-in tool is used to open and close the tool after the initial open; rotating the drill string to the right does this.  We use JMCO Instruments Electronic Pressure Recorders, which have proven to work flawlessly.

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