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In the spring of 1994 Jim Holsten started BJs Drill Stem Testing, by buying one truck and a string of test tools. Within two months he hired a tester, bought another truck and more tools. Jim, with 13 years of DST experience, saw the need for an independent testing company in the Williston Basin. Since that time BJs DST has acquired more trucks and more testers, along with the test tools to run any type of Drill Stem Test. With  trucks,  experienced Testers (47 years experience combined) and the tools to do the job, BJs DST, is the only independent Testing Company in the Williston Basin and is the leader in the field.    

BJs DST arrives at the location ready and willing to handle any situation that might arise. Although the word test means to determine the presence of, and to evaluate, the personnel at BJs DST know the formations of the oilfields and know what to expect in the area of interest. From our database of tests throughout the oilfield we can assist in determining packer seats and possible trouble spots. 

All DSTs react different; the testers at BJs DST are dedicated to getting the most information out of a DST. The personnel at BJs DST work closely with our Reservoir Engineer, Michael Hudson of Data Reporting Services. Michael Hudson is a consulting Engineer who works with many Testing companies throughout the United States.  Through this relationship, BJs DST is able to supply the customer with the most technically advanced Reservoir Analysis available. 


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